Turkey Dedicated Server

Turkey Dedicated Server

A Onlive Server offers Turkey Dedicated Server at a very affordable price for your business website. The Perspective Of Our Dedicated Server Hosting In Various Types of Form. We are providing high-performance dedicated servers. Which our support team is available 24/7 for any type of problem. We induced on the Process that While Increasing the Memory’s Allocations of the RAM will increase. The stability of the servers. When you have any doubts and mess regarding’s our services you can directly visit our website. When understand the needs of the people and provide a wide variety of products for the users to choose from.

If one looks at the options properly, they will find the right one for themselves. However, just to mention that we use a huge variety of Intel Xeon E5 Bandwidth- Unlimited 100Mbps, RAM-8GB DDR4, and Storage- 2x 500GB SATA. They depending on the bandwidth, RAM, and storage one chooses.

So Onlive Server provided Linux and Windows-based Dedicated server hosting. It now get your Turkey Dedicated Server with a fully secured network. When Turkey Dedicated Server offers a fully upgraded and next-generation hosting solution. Which Turkey Dedicated Servers continue to be the economical choice for providing an exclusive set of resources solely devoted to your IT needs. They with our bare metal servers, you will benefit from increased performance, greater security, and exclusive use of the server’s system and network resources.

The Dedicated Server is ideal for any of your services that require high traffic, high security, or complex configurations, dynamic content, database applications, and multimedia apps are better suited for a dedicated server. Which Onlive Server offers Window and Linux-based dedicated server hosting plans to all its customers residing in Turkey. We ensure you a Cheap Dedicated Server in Turkey that has vast memory to load and run applications on your site in a fast way.

So Onlive Server provided 8GB RAM, 2x 500GB SATA State-of-the-art & modern Turkey data center located in Bursa, Turkey is our choice for Dedicated servers and providing services from their network. So data center is well equipped and has fast performance with backup power generator and fiber optic network lines for delivering the most premium service in Turkey.

Know all About Turkey Dedicated Server?

The Onlive Server data center in Turkey is designed for applications to run mission-critical. So Istanbul data center offers a wide range of 24X7 support with dedicated servers. SO data center in Turkey offers wide interconnection opportunities to secure the digital ecosystem in Turkey. Which Our data center in Istanbul provides hosting industries leading to support and so commit to provide an uptime of 99.99% from our data center in turkey.

Facility Specification –

Which Turkey’s data center is around 70,000 square feet long. So floor load capacity of the Turkey data center is 647 square feet long. The cooling capacity of the data center is 3.84 KVA per cabinet. Cooling redundancy plant are configure in N+1.

Network –

Our data center in Turkey is IPv4 and IPv6 compliant. They provided Support on both IP series. Which Our data center is connecte to all the tier 1 ISPs. They are also provided cross-support from the ISP.

Security –

Which our Turkey data center, we have provisioned human security bases support 24X7. So our Turkey data center comes with CCTV monitoring 24X7. We maintain video recording for 1 month. We also provided our customers’ biometric access.


Which Racks in our Turkey data center come with a power rating of 3 KVA which is scalable up to 6 KVA. So electrical capacity of UPS is 12 MVA. The power transformer size of the Turkey data center is 10×2.25 MVA 11kV/415V.

Certifications –

So Our data center in Turkey is ISO 27001 and SOC 1 certified.

Fire Protection and Suppression –

So Our data center in Turkey with equipped Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus, smoke and heat detectors. which data center can heat for up to 2 hours.

What is the mode of payments one can choose from?
  1. How responsive is Onlive Server for its clients?

The Onlive Server takes great pride in the work it does and the kind of service it provides. It is not only what we acknowledge ourselves with but also our clients. We happily provide 24*7 customer care services to our clients making sure their problems are solved when and wherever needed by the client. They also provide the Cheap Dedicated Server hosting all their issues within time and as fast as possible so that they can get back to their working without any issues.

  1. What processor is being used for the servers?

They understand the needs of the people and provide a wide variety of range of products for users to choose from. If one looks into the option properly, they will find the right one for themselves. Which Just to mention we use a huge variety of Intel Xeon E5 depending upon the bandwidth, ram and storage that one opts for. They helps you keep your work up to date and do it without any lag problems.

  1. What types of software can one buy?

They a user, you can buy any software that you want. Which advise all to check with the hosting company as they restrict certain software from use.