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Why choose Onlive Server?

The only goal that I set before starting to learn about Linux/Windows VPS is to start to use Linux and windows VPS. Onlive Server offers you the best and cheap windows VPS hosting service with all necessary features to launch your website successfully in minutes. You can get it from Onlive Server at a reasonable price which you will be not able to get from any other reliable companies because we believe in quality and client satisfaction. Our main concern is the client’s services and satisfaction and we provide you the cheapest prices with the best hosting services, customer support, and reliability. We offer Cheap Windows VPS Server Hosting that provides you excellent stability, high bandwidth, and great performance to run your websites with incredible speed, reliability, and security at a very affordable price plan that suits your business requirements perfectly.

Onlive Server is a windows VPS providing company at the very low and best price.

Windows operating systems, and sometimes mac and zen domes. I am more interested in Windows because it’s older and I would like to learn more about it.

When and where?

Seedcloud is where I am doing all my web development and hosting all my windows VPS. So I am doing good with them and they do awesome service.

What about my VPS?

My windows VPS are being managed by nova templates.

What are VPS?

A VPS hosting, is a combination of virtual servers along with one or more virtual IP addresses, is a computer service in which computer space is rented out by the hour. Customers of VPS hosting have their own personal server with appropriate features that meet their desired needs.

VPS provider offers full physical server and virtual server VPS hosting services that combine dedicated servers and shared virtual servers.

Not only Onlive Server offers you the latest but we provide windows VPS hosting services at the most affordable price.

Stop searching for cheap windows VPS. Onlive Server Company is a leading provider of Windows VPS Hosting. With us, you can get the lowest prices on Windows VPS Hosting.

All of our Windows VPS hosting plans come with our proprietary control panel called Onlive Server.

The key benefits of Onlive Server are:

1. It’s easy, fast and secure.

2. Advanced backup and restore options.

3. Advanced monitoring and reporting options.

4. It’s available on all Windows VPS plans, including the entry-level 2GB of RAM, 100GB, and 200GB plans.

5. It’s compatible with all popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer.

6. It’s compatible with all popular operating systems, including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2003.

7. It’s compatible with all common programming languages, including ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, and CGI.

8. It supports all common databases, including MySQL, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server.

9. It’s compatible with all popular scripting languages, including ASP, Cold Fusion, JScript and VBScript.

What are the advantages of VPS over shared hosting?

Advantages of Shared hosting

– Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting with a lot of servers for you and a lot of bandwidth but limited customization options. If you need something customized go with VPS.

– Shared hosting comes with marketing so you never have complete control over the server as the customer. The shared host has its own customer support and security.

– Due to many servers a single IP address can be shared between a large number of customers.

– If one server goes down other servers still running can work and just you need to figure out what went wrong. With a single IP address, it is difficult to figure out if other servers in the region or around are affected by server outages.

– Share the cost of the server.

If you are looking for a cheap windows VPS, Onlive Server has the best windows VPS hosting plans for you. Not only a cheap Windows VPS hosting provider offers a wide range of Windows VPS Hosting packages. If you are looking for a Windows VPS Hosting, Onlive Server is the right choice.

How much does it cost to get a Windows VPS?

You can get Onlive’s cheapest server for just $9. We have a selection of low-cost Windows VPS from as little as $0.50 per hour and more than 70% off Windows VPS plan deals.

If you are looking for cheap VPS hosting for your company then Onlive Server can provide you with cheap Windows VPS hosting. Cheap Windows VPS Hosting plans offered by Onlive Server is the lowest price in the industry and includes 100% cPanel and WHM

So our VPS is a great solution for anybody who needs their own server to run applications or even host websites, without paying too much money. With Onlive Server’s cheap Windows VPS, you get lots of space on our servers, but also bandwidth that is enough for your growing business.

If you want to be able to move your server around to other places in order to get better speeds, you will love how easy it is with our cloud storage solutions. We can also create backups of your data so that if something happens with your machine we can restore all of your files quickly and easily. Learn more about our cheap windows VPS today!


In this post, you have seen the Top 10 best cheap Windows VPS Hosting. You can make your website to big, fast, and user-friendly with the help of cheap Windows VPS Hosting services. So it is always recommended to get a cheap Windows VPS hosting plan for your websites.