For any business, a good server is a necessary element. This is why many businesses will spend some time selecting the best hosting service. If you run a business in Germany, then you must invest in Germany Dedicated Server Cheap service. When compared to the power of a dedicated server, there is still nothing more secure and faster. It does many vital things to your business growth.

Processor / Cores / Threads / RAM / Space
Germany Dedicated Server – DSX1 – Intel Core i7-2600 – 4c/8t/3.80GHz, 16GB RAM, 1 TB SATA
Kassel, Germany
Germany Dedicated Server – DSX2 – Intel Core i7-4770 – 4c/8t/3.90GHz, 32GB RAM, 2 TB SATA
Kassel, Germany
Germany Dedicated Server – DSX3 – Intel Core i7-920 – 4c/8t/2.93GHz, 48GB RAM, 2 TB SATA
Kassel, Germany
Germany Dedicated Server – DSX4 – Intel Core i7-3930 – 6c/12t/3.80GHz, 64GB RAM, 240GB SSD
Kassel, Germany
Germany Dedicated Server – DSX5 – Intel Xeon E3-1246V3 – 4c/8t/3.90GHz, 32GB RAM, 2 TB SATA
Kassel, Germany
Germany Dedicated Server – DSX6 – Intel Xeon E5-1650V2 – 6c/12t/3.90GHz, 64GB RAM, 2 TB SATA
Kassel, Germany
Germany Dedicated Server – DSX7 – Intel Xeon E5-1650V2 – 6c/12t/3.90GHz, 128GB RAM, 2 TB SATA
Kassel, Germany

Are you looking for the best hosting value on the ground? If yes, then our dedicated servers will be the right choice. We offer a board line of Windows and Linux based dedicated servers and Germany Dedicated Server, which suits most of the business needs. We offer both unmanaged and fully managed dedicated servers to the customers. Therefore, our customers need not to worry about running the server and resolving occurring issues.  

We are the leading Germany server hosting company and offering cheapest dedicated and VPS hosting plans based on the client needs. It includes easy to use, excellent price, fully secure, and optimum performance. We also offer support service to rectify the issues, which customers confront with our hosting plans through email or phone.

Benefits of accessing our hosting service

When you access any one of our hosting plans such as Cheapest Linux VPS Server Hosting, you will reap the following benefits.

  • Exclusivity of the server resources, which means you need not to share server resources with others
  • The greatest level of security
  • High performance and reliability
  • Scalability
  • Customization
  • Technical assistance
  • Server management
  • Dedicated IP address

Do you still have doubt in investing the Linux VPS Server Hosting? Then, visit our website and go through things mentioned there. After that, you will understand that it is worth the investment. Additionally, it brings huge traffic and customers to your business site. It also makes your business operation perform well and meet your business needs.