Windows Web Hosting

Window web hosting is based on Microsoft Windows Server. We know this as Window web hosting. To meet all your needs for hosting features in Window Web Hosting, Onlive Server Company provided IIS Web Server, .NET, ASP.NET Application Framework, Microsoft SQL Server and plesk control panel.

At Online Server Company, we better understand the Windows web Hosting Services platform. And the online server will provide the best service which will always be ready to provide reliable windows web hosting services. ASP.NET hosting is a common and extensive solution.

Windows Web Hosting High Tech Features and Services:-

Email Services:-

Onlive  server’s  plesk is the best and most robust hosting platform that works in conjunction with a mail server so that you can perform mail services on the same computer where your websites are located. Plesk meets all the needs of Horde and Pedestal style webmail for Linux and Windows. Outlook and Thunderbird clients can be set up automatically with mail auto-discover and SNI support.


Plesk provides a comprehensive set of domain and website management tools, which include a number of functions: domains, sub domains and aliases can added or removed at your convenience rather All this is provided by Onlive servers. Your website content is managed and various web apps are installed. Completely secures your connection to websites as well as many other services. Gives you complete freedom to move domains and sub domains between subscriptions and add new ones rather DNS and DNSSEC must be configured. It’s with the new SSL! Extension, all your domains will fully protected. Onlive servers offer you much more.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol):-

Plesk acts as an FTP server, and allows users to access all directories of the server using an FTP client ,rather All the necessary features have been added to plesk and the required FTP features are included: Server access is granted only to those who have permission from the onlive server. Migrations that do not require the use of the command line.

SSL Certificate:- We provides SSL Security for sitelock ,SSL helps to prevent your customers’ sensitive data such as credit card numbers and passwords from intercepted by a third party.

Very cheap cost:-

The major advantage of best windows web hosting server hosting is its affordability. It is available at a very affordable cost and is relatively cheap as compared to all dedicated servers. Our company provides window web hosting at the lowest cost.

Easier use:-

While others might complain about the price of Microsoft, it is still one of the easiest to access and it avoids complicated scripting, thus giving less confusion for the users. It is also easier to adapt to, since most users are already familiar with using Windows on almost every other computer.

Stress-Free Hosting:-

That’s our core value & the reason that makes our clients stay with us not for years but for decades.

Constant updates:-

Windows has already gained so many versions, but it is still one of the well-updated services of today. They always find ways to apply newer technologies to their platform rather this assures you that your service won’t be out-of-date for a long time.

High Tech Control Panel:- Your Windows Shared hosting plan come with Plesk control panel which allow you to perform multiple web settings such as managing your domain name, email accounts, security, themes,  and etc.

Fast Installer: – Just one click, you now able to install various types of web software without any coding. Software such as WordPress and its themes and plugins can installed easily.

 Backup & Restore- Data Loss is a serious issue for your online business. With our daily backup features,rather you are able to perform backup on daily basis within a click. Restoration can performed with ease.

30 Days Money-Back:-

We want you to satisfied; hence all plans come with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.


Plesk Firewall provides the best protection and protects the server from all inbound network connections that can damage its security.

24×7 Technical Support:-  Need assistance while developing your projects? No worry, we are reachable for support 24×7 every day. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is able to assist you on any hosting related issues.

About us:-

On single or numerous servers, it executes a variety of operations and procedures, rather It’s a web hosting platform with an impact panel that lets administrators found out websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, DNS, and databases all from an internet browser. Content Management Systems (CMS), MySQL, and MSSQL Server are all supported by Plesk.