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Cheap Reseller hosting is a web hosting option where one company (the website hosting provider) rents hard drive space and bandwidth to another company (usually a small or mid-sized business), who then leases the space to third parties (usually entrepreneurs or small businesses.) Onlive Server presents Cheap Reseller Hosting services that handle all the back-end tasks such as server management, hardware, and software upgrades, load balancing, and more while you focus on your business of building, selling, and growing.
Most small businesses target keeping the overhead prices low so they can enjoy the profit margins. Though,it is the same for those who search for reseller hosting. So, the best way to sure the maximization of returns is to find a cheap reseller hosting plan with low monthly payments and high performance. The lowest cost Aluminum plan offers bandwidth and disk space at the cost of $2 per month. Moreover, it also offers 30day money-back guarantee.

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Benefits of Reseller Hosting

The Reseller Web is a unique web server that is effective as a Reseller Web but at a lower cost. But here are some points to help you understand the effective effectiveness of the Reseller Web.

Root Access – It is a nice feature of Reseller Web Hosting. Where users can use their website root access feature without interpretation. You have complete control over the Reseller Web. So,you can reform the speed and capacity of the Reseller Web according to your needs.
Security: You can check the website with justified protection if you install a Reseller Web. It is not like a shared server. Like this, you can safely store important data on your website. The Reseller Web protects important organization data from competing companies.
Stability: Reseller Web can provide better website stability. Rather, a stable website is needed for an e-commerce or gaming portal where millions of people use websites every second for their needs. So, an e-commerce or gaming portal cannot outlast without a stable Web server. The Reseller Web is perfect for these segments.
Storage: Reseller Web is known for its sufficient, storage space. Rather, enormous RAM and CPU memory is the only Reseller Web storage solution. You can add additional storage

Other features:

  • Spam protection
  • Private server names
  • Weekly backups
  • Free WHMCS
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Merchant gateways
  • Domain reselling

99.9% Uptime

Onlive Server is optimized with the latest software and is only hosted within the best datacenters, allowing us to achieve our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

No Renewal increase in price

Our hosting plans’ renewal prices do not change. The initial value that you paid will always remain the same. Unlike most web hosting companies who change to their increase prices by up to 300%+ more after the first year or month. Free SSL Certificates.
Your reseller account comes with the ability for your clients to install 2048-bit SSL certificates for their websites, free of charge! Rather, We provide SSL Certificates that are completely unlimited and can be assigned to as many domains as you host.LiteSpeed

Onlive Server gives you cheap reseller hosting servers run on Litespeed, an extremely fast drop-in replacement for Apache. Because this allows our servers to run almost 3 times faster than standard Apache while having more features.

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Free Migrations

Get your customers to have the ability to migrate from other providers to your company free of charge. Therefore, Onlive Server will migrate your customer’s web hosting account to your reseller account free of charge all under your own brand.

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress

Your user’s WordPress sites will automatically benefit from our built-in LiteSpeed Cache module. Rather,this dramatically reduces page loading time by using Edge Side Includes (ESI) technology.

Our Other Service

Our goal is to share the power of the internet online. So, everyone has an equal opportunity around the globe to join and you to buy the best cPanel Web Hosting by Onlive Server.Rather, Onlive Server is based in India and that founded by Indian owners, who always aim to deliver the best web hosting solutions to all the customers globally 24×7!