South Africa Dedicated Server

If you’re looking for a dedicated server in South Africa, look no further than Dedicated Servers. Onlive Server has servers across the continent, ensuring that our clients receive their South Africa Dedicated Server with speed and reliability. If you have any questions or concerns about Dedicated Servers’ dedicated hosting services, please don’t hesitate to contact us we’ll be happy to help!

Features Dedicated Server

Dedicated server hosting is a great way to get your website online. It’s perfect for businesses that need high-speed Internet, advanced security, and high-quality hardware.

Super-fast internet connection: South Africa’s Dedicated Server have the most reliable network connections in the world. Your site will be able to handle large amounts of traffic without slowing down or crashing as often as other countries’ networks do on similar hardware specifications. This means you can keep up with traffic growth quickly, which helps you grow your business faster than ever!

Top-quality hardware

If you’re looking for high-end performance and security at an affordable price point, South African servers could be what you’re looking for!

A traditional firewall will block traffic based on specific IP addresses or ports. It can analyse the content of each incoming request and compare it with a set of rules to determine whether it should be allowed through. If the traffic matches one of those rules, it is permitted; otherwise, it is blocked. This additional layer of protection makes web application firewalls especially effective against common attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting. In the unlikely event that you experience a network outage, we provide free service credits to help you through any downtime. Our data centre is housed in an environmentally-controlled, fire-proof facility with 24/7 security and video surveillance. South Africa servers are more than just a place to store your data. They’re also an excellent option for those who need high-performance hardware and a redundant power supply.

Customer support

Customer support is available 24/7, with phone, email, and chat support options. The team of professionals at Dedicated Servers is trained to help you with any issues you may have. You can expect a prompt response from our customer support staff.

Enterprise-level security

  • A firewall protects the server.
  • A web application firewall protects the server.
  • A network intrusion prevention system protects against internal and external attacks. In contrast, an intrusion detection system monitors traffic in and out of your network to identify suspicious activity that may indicate an attack has occurred or was about to happen.

South Africa’s dedicated server is the best hosting

A dedicated server is the best hosting solution for your website. It provides a fast internet connection, which can run your website smoothly and safely without downtime. The dedicated servers are made up of high-end hardware, which makes them faster than other shared hosting or VPS services in South Africa.

The Dedicated Server also has all the requirements to run many websites simultaneously. With this service, you will be okay with loading times and slowdown during peak hours because they have enough resources for each site that needs them.

A dedicated server provides a super-fast internet connection

A Cheap dedicated server is the best hosting solution for your business. It offers a super-fast internet connection and is more reliable than shared hosting.

The first thing you will notice when choosing a dedicated server is that they have their IP address, which means other network users can’t access them. You can only access them through their assigned IP address and username/password combination. This makes them safer from attacks because there are fewer ways for hackers to access them except for hacking into your router settings or using brute force methods like dictionary attacks against common usernames such as admin or root, which many people use without thinking twice about security measures taken by companies providing those services.


The South Africa Dedicated Server is a perfect solution for small businesses. Large enterprises that need to run many websites on one server. It provides excellent performance, reliability, and scalability for your business needs. The dedicated servers are also easy to manage with a single click. No downtime from updates or patches is required.