What is Reseller Hosting?

Cheap Reseller Hosting is a package where you share allocated bandwidth and disk space of hosting accounts spilled and resell to the different users as a form of separate hosting. Mean you purchase resell hosting plans from providers in huge amount and then you divided them into different parts for the purpose of reselling to the different client.

Reseller hosting is a technique for people to start making money of their own with net hosting. Hence, reseller hosting requires much less knowledge on how to get started. Moreover, those who are comfortable with the net can begin their personal reseller hosting business. You can go with Onlive Server for reseller hosting. Our hosting comes at a very affordable price with lots of benefits and features.

How Reseller Hosting Works?

Reseller Hosting is similar to web hosting services. The reseller approach is nothing but buying the hosting services for wholesale and then reselling it to consumers to make a profit. Reseller will sell a certain part of disk space and bandwidth to their clients, except the need to hire a server from a hosting provider. Reseller web hosting does not require any knowledge related to the technical aspects of hosting services.

Best Features of Reselling Hosting

When you go with reseller hosting you get more flexibility and reliable features.

Here we mention the top features and benefits of reseller hosting. Free of cost unlimited Domains

Cheap Reseller Hosting
  • Free Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Secure FTP accounts
  • Flawless Security
  • Easy to use Plesk Control Panel
  • Highly Flexible Services
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Secure Domain Name

 Benefits of having Cheap Reseller Hosting

Easy to manage

You can easily manage the server and any configurations easily with reseller hosting plans.  You do need to take any kind of stress about server control and management.

Minimum Investment

Like another hosting service, you no need to invest much money to buy a broad range of services. You can easily take advantage of its highly reliable resources at a low cost.

No Maintenance

With such excellent hosting, you get everything managed and prepared services. Therefore, you do not need any tools or equipment to manage your reseller hosting.

You can set your own prices

With some other server hosting, you will internet get the authority to resell the services and can not change the server price. But with unlimited reseller hosting, you quickly resell the hosting on your desire of the budget with your company brand.

All technical issues are the responsibility of the reseller hosting provider

When it comes to managing, controlling, and managing your server hosting, you may need technical knowledge. There is no doubt without having strong technical skills, you cannot make any changes and update the server hosting. Therefore, it is a need to have technical skills.

Why did you choose Onlive Server as a Reseller hosting Provider?

When we discuss the best Cheap VPS, it creates complexity to pick out among the vast range of choices. Similarly, when we talk about the net hosting provider, it additionally performs a very vital role in your business success and growth. You can’t grow your company or business besides the best provider. Onlive Server is one of the best reseller hosting providers worldwide at a very affordable price range and with lots of benefits and features. As it supports and assists your website from the backend. Hence, you should pick out the excellent and amazing web hosting provider that offers a spectrum of site hosting resources.

Therefore, choose the provider that values your time. We suggest Onlive Server because it is one of the best net hosting providers’ ideals for your online business hosting. Also, provide a wide range of reliable and flexible resources with instant technical and customer support. You get the immediate solutions and best outputs from the cheap Reseller Hosting plans from the Onlive Server.


There are many benefits of reseller hosting, but it is important to find the right solution that fits your needs. Onlive Server offers high-quality web hosting solutions for resellers and other businesses looking to expand their presence online. We offer an array of features that will help you run your business smoothly and efficiently, including fast plans with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, 24/7 tech support.