UK Dedicated Server

Dedicated server hosting is the best solution for your website. You can host all your content on a dedicated server and not worry about performance, security or other issues. Our UK Dedicated Server Hosting service provides you with all these benefits at an affordable price. UK Dedicated Servers are the best way to get your projects online. They provide high availability, top-notch performance, and a reliable infrastructure that will save and make you money!

UK Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server hosting plan allows you to use your operating system to choose the software that best meets your business needs. These Dedicated servers are powerful, dedicated machines that are connected to the internet 24/7. This means that they have their own operating system and software, which allows you to create your own applications and run them on the server.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

UK Dedicated hosting is a server reserved for your site, meaning it’s yours, and you don’t share it with anyone else. This gives you complete control over your server, including where it can be deployed, what software is installed .

Performance Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers offer you several benefits. The main advantage of dedicated hosting is that it will give your website better performance than shared hosting. VPS hosting, or cloud hosting can provide. Your site will load faster and run more efficiently on a dedicated server than an unmanaged service like shared or managed VPS.

All these factors combine to make the most effective platform for running your business online. A dedicated server with SSD storage gives you the fastest response time possible while still giving you enough disk space to store all the information needed by your site at any given moment in time without having to worry about data security concerns such as viruses or malware infections affecting other users who may be accessing their sites through yours as well!

You Will Be the Only Website on The Server

You will control the server’s resources, including RAM usage and CPU power.Suppose someone visits your site from another country or continent. In that case, they won’t see any issues since all traffic goes directly through their ISP. Dedicated hosting also has several benefits.

Our Data Center in the UK

A UK data center is a powerful tool for hosting websites and applications. They security measures are top-notch: firewalls protect critical parts of our network from outside threats; intrusion detection systems monitor activity on every device connected to them; disk encryption provides complete protection against unauthorized access attempts by hackers; redundant components ensure continuity during service interruptions .

Services and Features of UK Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting differs from shared hosting because it provides a dedicated IP address and space on your server for your website. A virtual private server (VPS) is another type of dedicated server. Still, it’s less potent than the traditional setup because only one person can use it simultaneously.

Cheap and Best Server Hosting Solution

Unlimited Bandwidth: You will get unlimited bandwidth for your website. This means that you only need to pay an extra amount if there is a sudden increase in traffic compared to what was expected.

Unlimited Domains: This Service allows you to host multiple domains on one server at no extra cost, which means fewer servers and hardware requirements for online websites.

Unlimited Email Accounts: These domain name accounts are free, but there are additional email accounts available at an additional cost depending on their usage by customers.

About Cheap & Best Server Hosting Solution

We are a UK-based hosting company with over ten years of experience in the industry. We have a dedicated team of experts who can help you with all your hosting server needs, including:

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Onlive Server is offering UK Dedicated Server Hosting at the lowest price

Onlive Server is offering UK Dedicated Server Hosting at the lowest price. With our low and best prices, Onlive Server will help you get the right solution for your business needs! We offer a variety of features with our UK Dedicated Server, which makes it easy for you to manage your server.

They You can get a variety of features with our UK Dedicated Server

Our dedicated server hosting services are available in different locations around the world. You can choose between Windows Dedicated Server, and Cloud Server hosting plans based on your requirements and budget.


Onlive Server is a reliable and affordable hosting company that offers dedicated servers in the United Kingdom. We are offering you the best server hosting solution at the lowest price. You can find more about us on our website or contact us for any questions about our services and features.