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Buy Windows VPS Server by Onlive Server 

Windows VPS Server is an excellent option for many businesses. It can be used for web and email hosting and other applications, like database servers and media streaming services. Windows VPS Hosting is also an excellent choice for developers who want to host their websites on the cloud without worrying about managing servers or maintaining software themselves. Our Onlive Server gives you access to a powerful platform and the resources of its global network of data centers, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of world-class service at competitive prices!

Buy Windows VPS Hosting with High Security 

VPS Server is a virtual private server hosting that runs the Windows operating system. It is a virtual machine that runs on a physical server, so it’s like having your cloud store files and run apps.

What projects does VPS Hosting best?

You are looking for a provider that can host your website. You want to use the best hosting service and ensure it is reliable, secure, and fast. It is the perfect choice if you want to build a high-quality website or have other special requirements for hosting your site. It provides everything from unlimited bandwidth to 24/7 support from our team of experts, who will be there whenever needed!

Buy the Cheapest VPS Server for the website.

As we all know, the most significant benefit of having a VPS is that it provides you with more power and resources. It is the perfect choice for your website if you are looking for the cheapest VPS Server. They offer various plans at different prices. It allows you to run multiple apps on a single server without paying extra fees or having any limitations about its performance or security features. It means that even if someone hacks into your website. There won’t be much damage done since everything runs under one roof without interruption from outside sources like hackers who want access to someone else’s computer systems at any cost possible!

Secure Windows VPS Hosting

It is a reliable and secure hosting platform that offers you the best services. Windows VPS Hosting is scalable, flexible, and feature-rich. We ensure you get the best possible service to make it easy for you to use our product without hassle.

  • Reliable: Our servers are located across multiple locations around the world, so there’s no chance of downtime or slow performance due to server migrations;
  • Scalable: Your website can grow as much as needed without any limit;
  • Secure: We use military-grade encryption technology on all connections between your site and its visitors – this means that even if someone tries hacking into their computers then, they won’t be able to know what happens inside them because everything will be encrypted before sending out data from one machine onto another via an internet connection – this makes it impossible for others who might try doing something terrible against your website without having permission first since only authorized users would be able to access certain information stored within said system’s memory space (and most importantly not even ones who have gained unauthorized access)!

SSL Certificate –

SSL certificates can be used for a secure connection between the server and the client. They are also known as TLS or SSL certificates, which encrypt data traffic between two machines.

The primary purpose of this encryption is to ensure that only authorized people can access your website or server. In addition, it verifies that you’re using an actual person’s name instead of a random IP address. When communicating with them (so no one else can impersonate you).

Firewall manage-

Firewall management is a system that blocks unauthorized access to a computer or network. It prevents unauthorized access to a computer or network. It implements in conjunction with other security measures, such as intrusion detection systems (IDS).

Firewalls are software-based devices used by networks to prevent unauthorized access by malicious individuals. They can configure routers, switches, servers, and workstations. They may also have additional features like filtering traffic based on specific criteria.

DDoS protection-

DDoS protection is the most important thing you can do to protect your VPS Server from attackers or hackers. They attacks are widespread and can easily take down your server if left unmitigated. A DDoS attack floods the network with traffic to overwhelm servers so much that they become unusable or inaccessible for legitimate users.

Data Backups-

Data backups are essential for business continuity. If your site crashes or goes down, you will have to work with a team of professionals to restore it. It can be time-consuming and expensive if you need the right tools on-site.

We offer data backups that can be done automatically every hour, so all you need to do is check out how often they’re being made and keep those files somewhere safe!

24/7 Technical Support-

We provide a dedicated support team to respond to your questions and concerns. We will answer all your questions on time through email, phone, or ticket system. You can also chat with our live chat agents if you prefer not to use email or call them anytime or at night. Our satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll always enjoy full access to our website!


Windows VPS hosting is a great way to host your website and other projects. It allows you to run your server cheaply while maintaining security and reliability.

The best part about buying VPS is that there are no hidden fees or expenses. The services cost on Onlive Server is transparently displayed before you sign up for them. So there’s no guesswork involved when deciding whether or not something will be worth it for you!