Domain Name Registration

Domain registrar plays a significant role in the Domain Name Registration process. Book Domain registrars have so many functions to perform while registering a domain. After developing a website for business purposes or personal purposes, it is vital to give a domain name to the website. Without a domain name, no one can identify the website on the internet. World Wide Web or WWW is the place where all websites are available for web visitors.

How to Choose a Domain Name?

To find domain name of website is the fundamental process for website development. Here are some tips for you while selecting the domain name.

  1. Now plenty of new domain names are available apart from the traditional .com domain name. Like .pizza, .blog, and .org. are the new arrival domain name that can help you to extend your business popularity.
  2. You can use the keyboards while searching the domain name on the search engine. When you type a domain name on the search engine, it will increase the website ranking.
  3. Try to maintain a short domain name for the end-user benefits.
  4. You can include the brand image of your business in the domain name; it can help you improve the business transaction.
  5. Try to avoid a domain name with hyphens.
  6. A Trademark search for a particular domain name is important because it can show you whether a similar domain name is available or not.
  7. Try to book your domain registration process as early as possible before fulfilling it with someone else.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Domain Registrar

Choosing the best domain registrar is a vital task. The following information may help you while choosing the best domain registrar.

  1. Authentic domain registrar offers a low price for domain name registration, but the renewal price may differ from the initial registration price.
  2. The genuine domain registrar should be ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and WHOIS affiliated. These two organisations protect domain privacy and security from third parties or hackers.
  3. You can move the domain name from one registrar to another. But you cannot move domain name within the first 60 days of the registration. An authentic domain registrar helps you to transfer the domain name without any extra charges.
  4. A domain name is registered for a specific period; you have to renew the domain after a certain time period. Good quality domain registrar can give the automatic domain renewal facility to its users.
  5. Genuine domain registrar doesn’t charge any hidden cost. Users can see all the details of the add-on price in the terms and conditions of the domain registrar.

Some Excellent Domain Registrars of 2021

Are you looking for an excellent domain registrar for 2021, you can choose your favourite domain registrar from the following lists. But among the other domain registrars, the Onlive server is one of the best domain name provider companies.


If you think of launching a new website, Onlive Infotech is the best option. Bluehost is a web hosting company, but it also provides a domain registration process. You can get all your web hosting services and domain registration at $ 2.95/month with this company.

  1. You can get a free SSL certificate
  2. Auto-renewal facility of the domain
  3. Domain management dashboard
  4. 24 hours expert support
  5. Automatic word[press updates
UK Server Hosting-

Are you looking for a low price domain registrar, UK Server Hosting is the best domain name provider company. You can find the .com domain name for less than $ 10/year. This company may offer great discounts for the new website registrants.

  1. You can get WHOIS privacy-free forever with your domain.
  2. Domain name security
  3. Free privacy protection
  4. Free SSL certificate for one year
  5. 24hours technical support.
Network Solution

If you want to find domain name of website professionally on the WWW, then the network solution is for you. This company provides domain registration for a maximum of 100 years. It is the best long-term domain registration company of 2021.

  1. For 20 years of domain registration, you have to pay $ 13.99/year
  2. For the 100 years domain registration; you have to pay only $ 9.99/year

Oakymarketing is an all-rounder domain registrar for you. If you order more than 50 domain registration at a time, you can get a tremendous discount. Users can get free WHOIS privacy with each domain name purchase. This company has a massive variety of TLDs domain names. 

  1. Users can get a domain lock facility
  2. Email and domain forwarding facility
  3. Free domain portfolio management
  4. Domain defender protection
Google Domain

Google Domain is the best option for free security and unique privacy features from your domain registrars. The starting price for the domain registration of this company is $ 9/year. You do not need to provide your company information on the WHOIS database for the registration process. This company always provides a mask on your information.

  1. Users can get native integration with Google service.
  2. Email forwarding facility
  3. Domain management sharing facility

From the above-listed domain registrar, you can choose the best Book Domain Name registrar for your website as per your choice and preference. But always think of the domain security and privacy policy; that is the essential part.