South Africa VPS Server

VPS servers are fast becoming the go-to hosting option for many users, both personal and business alike. If you’re currently on shared hosting, or you plan to shift from shared hosting to VPS hosting in the near future, there are a few things you should know about South Africa VPS Server before making your choice and changing over to VPS hosting altogether. The following guide will help explain everything there is to know about South Africa VPS servers and why you should choose them as your own personal web host.


Forget about slow speeds, access our high-performance South Africa VPS servers for the same cost and get many more benefits!

South African hosting company with expertise in hardware.

We also offer free bandwidth, as well as free no-downtime migrations, backups, and SSL certificates.

Enjoy fast performance and 3x higher reliability than shared hosting on all features.

Only pay once you need additional power. This means you can upgrade or downgrade the number of vCPUs or the amount of RAM at any time without a contract obligation! We’ve got you covered!

At last, we want to show off how much we care by offering Contract agreements. You are not locked into anything unless you want it that way; just sign up for a month if that is what suits your needs.

Cost Savings

South African VPS servers are more expensive than shared hosting, but they offer some serious cost savings. Unlike shared hosting, you’re the only person on your virtual private server (VPS). That means it doesn’t take as much bandwidth for you to use all of the resources on your server and it doesn’t cost any extra for someone else to use up that bandwidth when you’re not using it. You can also scale up or down the amount of RAM and CPU power allocated to your VPS on demand; even better, you don’t need to pay any fees until your monthly bill exceeds what’s allocated in terms of RAM or CPU power.


Your current shared hosting is only as secure as the other websites that share your server. If they are hacked, you’re at risk. Your data and site are more secure on a virtual private server in South Africa than on shared hosting. A VPS will also give you more control over your resources and make it easier for you to quickly upgrade or downsize the space you have available without having to rely on an outside company’s technical support team. Finally, there is an opportunity for peace of mind knowing that your website is operating on a single virtual machine with no chance of downtime when there’s the malware trying to target other sites in the same physical location.

Quality Service and Support

Our South African hosting partners provide best-in-class business IT infrastructure and network connectivity as well as premium services including security, colocation, bandwidth aggregation, failover, disaster recovery, and support.

These services are configured on the country’s newest data centers which have been architected in accordance with strict international data center standardization regulations. By partnering with us you can focus on your business while we maintain your systems at the highest level of quality.

South Africa VPS servers are next-generation high-powered web hosting that can help your business grow.

Increase your site speed

With our South Africa VPS server, your site will not only be more secure. But you’ll also get more out of your website with lightning-fast page load times and 24/7 support.  We are one of the few web hosting providers in South Africa that offers dedicated resources to make sure that your website is getting the performance it deserves.

Protect yourself against hackers

It’s important that you’re confident that your site is secure and that it’s not vulnerable to attacks. This can be difficult with shared hosting, as you’ll often be sharing your server. With multiple other sites that might not be reputable. The more sites you have on the same server. The more chances there are for the security of those sites and all their users to be compromised. Your website will also slow down significantly because there’s going to be an increased number of simultaneous connections being made.

Free Domain Name

Domain registration used to be an additional fee on top of your hosting package. But luckily today most providers let you buy one or the other.

The downside with shared hosting is that if your site becomes popular and gets slammed. With traffic it will have a knock-on effect on every website hosted on the same server as you. Not good!

South Africa VPS Server provides plenty of power so even. If your site is getting hit hard it will just slow down instead of crashing. And at this price, there’s nothing not to love about this deal!

Create a custom website with unlimited resources

Onlive Server is a certified website hosting company with more than 20 years of experience in the web space. Our industry-leading data centers are located around the world. Our team has over 100 system administrators and developers who can assist you 24/7. In English or Spanish, with personal account management and customized services.

In addition to unlimited resources on all our packages, we offer upsells for CDN integration. Private SSL certificates for eCommerce sites, HIPAA Compliance (Compliance Shield), dedicated IP addresses, and much more!